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April Fools’ Day Pranks That Are Hilarious But May Cost You Your Friendship

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April Fools’ Day is right around the corner and it has a pranking tradition that many people would rather avoid. Some tricks are just plain cruel, while others are simply hilarious. No matter how you spin it though, you generally don’t want to be on the receiving end of these pranks. Here are some of […]


See Why This Guy Dressed Up As A Nerd On A College Campus. And What Happened As A Result.

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It was the first day of school at The University of Arizona and this YouTube prankster wanted to see what would happen if he dressed up as a (very stereotypical) nerd and went around trying to make friends, seeing if people would really be as mean to him as we are often led to believe. […]


Man Dresses Up As A Homeless Person And Gives $20 To Those That Help Him.

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YouTube prankster Big Daws normally makes prank videos were he’s doing something hilariously silly, like eating junk food at the gym, but this time he wanted to do something completely different. He decided to dress up as a homeless person and conduct a social experiment. He stepped outside the box by giving $20 to every kind […]


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