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This Dog Was Living Under A Shopping Cart, But She Wasn’t Exactly Alone

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When Rescue From The Hart got a phone call about a stray dog living under a shopping cart, they set out to save her life. To their surprise, there was much more to her story than immediately met the eye. Los Angeles-based Annie and James Hart founded the non-profit dog rescue in 2014. With the […]


Pregnant, Paralyzed Dog Gets The Ultimate Happy Ending

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); Have you ever heard one of those stories that makes you want to cheer and cry all at once? The tale of this incredible dog is one of them. When a pup named Maria became pregnant after forcibly being bred while paralyzed, her former owners abandoner her because a C-section would […]


Mom Writes Disturbing Facebook Post Moments After Throwing Her Baby From A Window

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We’ve seen plenty of terrible moms over the years, but what recently happened in Nebraska is beyond horrific. After giving birth to a two-pound baby girl, 16-year-old Antonia Lopez murdered the newborn by throwing her out of a window. According to authorities, Lopez gave birth in her bedroom. Then, only seconds after her baby girl […]


This Expectant Mom Is Dancing Her Way Through Labor And She’s An Inspiration

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In most cases, the mood in the delivery room is a bit more “get this thing out of me” and a little less “lemme dance it out real quick.” While most mothers would be begging for their epidural, this happy-go-lucky mom-to-be just wants to dance. To help set her contractions into motion, this cool momma […]


Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Are Actually Definitely Having A Baby

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It might sound crazy, but it aint no lie. 1. Rumors and speculation about the pregnancy status of mega-celebrity couple Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have been swirling for months. View this image › Including a now-deleted Instagram with premature congratulations and a leak from N*Sync member Joey Fatone mentioning the news. 2. But […]


This Dad’s Reaction To Finding Out He’s Going To Be A Grandpa Is Just Too Precious

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For Sean and Jenn, life couldn’t be more exciting than it is right now. That’s because they’re expecting! While pregnancies are always thrilling for soon-to-be parents, they’re sometimes even better for grandmas and grandpas. That’s why these two were so happy to tell Dad that he was about to become a grandfather. His reaction? Pure […]


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