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CBC wants ‘police czar’ to oversee local law enforcement

, , , , , , ,!/politico/status/504074528650432513 The actual evidence is painting a much different picture of the Michael Brown shooting by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer than the media narrative which stoked a week of riots and protests. That hasn’t deterred the Congressional Black Caucus from trying to turn the incident into a federal power grab. Politico reports: Rep. Elijah […]


President’s approval rating hits 9-year high (Pres. Bush, that is)

, ,!/adrian_gray/status/480135884197466112 Good news for President Bush: a new Gallup poll shows that the former president has a 53 percent favorability rate. In fact, all living former presidents enjoy more than 50 percent popularity, while President Barack Obama has a 47 percent favorability rating.!/davidakin/status/480051957701545984 Even Jimmy Carter has a favorable rating of 52 percent, although 16 percent of […]


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