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This Kid Just Won The Internet With The Best Graduation Speech Of All Time

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While college graduation speeches have a bit of a reputation for being cool (like, Lin-Manuel Miranda cool), middle school and high school grad speeches are usually snoozefests. Teens are just awkward. It’s a fact of life, and my old Myspace account is proof positive. Forcing them to stand at podiums in front of their families, […]


5 Crazy Things People Have Done To Rig Elections In The U.S.

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Here Are 22 Things You’ve Never Thought Of… Yet They Make So Much Sense After You See Them.

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Have you ever been day-dreaming and came up with a random thought about something obvious, yet you never thought about it before? Well, there’s an entire section of the Internet dedicated to people posting their random thoughts, ideas, and reflections. Below is a compilation of the most profound, ridiculous, hilarious, or otherwise share-worthy thoughts random […]


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