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‘Any takers?’ Obama late for presser; Citizens try to guess how long the delay will be

,!/SamValley/status/414110401224122368 President Obama’s press conference is already past its scheduled 2 p.m. start. Tweeters are trying to figure out exactly how late the presser will start this time:!/natewilldo/status/414110263646760960!/LeftyBollocks/status/414110075263787008!/michaelroston/status/414109610820136960 The 3 certainties of life: 1. Death 2. Taxes 3. Obama's late for a press conference— Nathan (@NATHANINSOCAL) December 20, 2013 #2013TaughtMe Obama's always […]


Obama keeps reporters waiting over an hour for press conference

, , ,!/CuffyMeh/status/497141736498798593 It’s not exactly breaking news when President Obama is late for a press conference. The guy has the same respect for other people’s time as he does for the Constitution after all. The frustration played out in real time today as Obama kept reporters waiting for more than an hour today. It forced Fox News […]


9/11 truther crashes Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith’s press conference [pic, Vine]

, ,!/GreggDoyelCBS/status/430181022467366913 Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith’s post-game press conference suddenly turned into an “open mic night” featuring a 9/11 truther:!/michaelhayes/status/430191590964219904 He’ll be here all week. Try the veal and don’t forget to tip your wait staff.!/maiello22/status/430193737126653952 Security doesn’t appear to have been nearly tight enough in the Seahawks locker room.!/DeSimone80/status/430195563616043008 Wow. Read […]


Networks skip president’s speech for Roger Goodell’s ‘dramatic announcement’

, , , , , ,!/mikiebarb/status/513070441163157504 NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s press conference Friday afternoon was reportedly quite the snooze, with the exception of some heckling by Benjy Bronk of “The Howard Stern Show.” The monotonous platitudes didn’t keep CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer from describing the statement as a “dramatic announcement.” Wolf Blitzer just said that Roger Goodell made a "dramatic announcement" today. Did […]


Scene at Wendy Davis’ press conference shows ‘absolute desperation’ [photo]

, , ,!/jrsalzman/status/521695591446097920 Wendy Davis doubles down by using people in wheelchairs as campaign props. Seriously what. — Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) October 13, 2014 Wendy Davis is so shameless — Lachlan Markay (@lachlan) October 13, 2014 As Twitchy has been reporting, Wendy Davis has been heavily criticized for her “wheelchair” ad against her Republican opponent Greg […]


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