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He Gathered Boring Wooden Pallets And Made Something Beautiful With Them

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Next time you walk past a Crate and Barrel store and see a coffee table that’s designed to look rustic and trendy, remember this project. With a simple wooden pallet, you can create something that even the snobbiest interior designer would love — and you can do it for a fraction of the cost. Follow […]


With $50 And Some Elbow Grease, They Turned A Wardrobe Into Something Special

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For all of you do-it-yourselfers out there, here’s a great project that’ll keep you busy this weekend — especially if you have small pets. With a thrifted armoire, Redditor Hookedongutes created an incredible palace for their chameleons. If your little companions could benefit from a bit of remodeling, check out the project below! First, they […]


A Toast To This Son Who Surprised His Mother In The Most Awesome Way! This Is Epic

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Too much wine is never a bad thing. Some of you are probably enjoying a nice glass as you read this. (I hope so, anyway.) Wine does become an issue, however, when you run out of places to store bottles of your favorite vintage. But fear not, friends, because Redditor goodenoughmillwork has a gorgeous DIY […]


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