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Her Students Gave Her Flowers, But When She Saw What Else They Had, She Lost It

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As soon as these students learned that their teacher’s cat passed away, they sprang into action. When the young ladies from Joshua High School found out that their math teacher, Mrs. Andrews, lost her best feline friend of 16 years, they pulled out all the stops to comfort the sweet woman in her time of […]


19 Heartwarming Stories Of Celebrities Doing Random Acts Of Kindness

Just try to make it through this post without getting emotional. 1. This very sweet BF asked One Direction to help him propose to his Directioner girlfriend: Help me propose to my girlfriend tomorrow night at the show. @Harry_Styles @Real_Liam_Payne @NiallOfficial @zayncomecu @Louis_Tomlinson — ChisenhallAL (@Bradley Chisenhall) And Harry Styles made it happen: Thanks for […]


This Amazing Music Video Will Make You A Little Bit Nicer Today

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A brief reminder: “Don’t take your life for granted.” 1. This is Greg Holden, a Scottish-English singer/songwriter who makes soaring, purpose-filled songs that carry real emotional weight. View this image › Reid Rolls / Warner Bros. Records His first big breakthrough was in 2012, when he co-wrote American Idol-winner Phillip Phillips’ five-times platinum debut single […]


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