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Troll hard: @redsteeze displays award-worthy infiltration of Netroots Nation

, , , ,!/Jenny_IDLYITW/status/490241382226096128 Twitchy favorite @redsteeze has a powerful new bio — Humanist Feminist Waterist #NN14 — and a shiny new Unite Blue logo on his avatar. Either he’s seen the light thanks to the illuminating panels of this year’s Netroots Nation conference in Detroit, or he’s trolling like no one has trolled before. For example, behold the confounding conflation […]


Steven Crowder takes on Lena Dunham and “rape culture” [video]

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LOL @scrowder takes on his most disturbing role ever, Lena Dunham — Chris Loesch (@ChrisLoesch) October 15, 2014 The left is obsessed with taking strong words and robbing them of their real meaning. “Racism” and “hate” are now applied to simple disagreement. With all the talk condemning “rape culture” are they minimizing the real crime […]


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