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Nightmares Feel Very Real When You See An Enormous Snake In A Restaurant Ceiling

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There are very few people who really like snakes. Even if you know that most snakes are harmless, as a society, we fear them. One of the fears comes from the fact that snakes can slither into just about anything and set up shop, climbing up pipes and hiding in basement corners. In one restaurant, […]


There’s Nothing Like Getting Whisked Away By A Waterfall While You Enjoy Your Dinner. Wow.

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This one of a kind restaurant located in the Villa Escudero resort in San Pablo City, Philippines, offers customers the incredible experience of dining on delicious local Filipino dishes while a breathtaking sparkling waterfall flows in the  backdrop. You might not think a restaurant with a waterfall backdrop is very unique, but what makes this restaurant stand out is […]


This Is What Dessert At The Highest Rated Restaurant In America Looks Like. Crazy!

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When you order dessert at a restaurant and they start by unrolling a silicone mat over your table before bringing it out, you know you are in for something truly unique and strange. That is exactly what they do at Alinea, which is a three-starred Michelin star restaurant in Chicago. Having a one star means […]


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