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This Elephant Thought Her Human Buddy Was Drowning And Rushed To Save Him

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Mom And Baby Who Were Rescued From A Lake Have An Emotional Reunion With Their Heroes

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Nicole Stream was traveling with her five-month-old baby boy and her best friend when they got into a horrific wreck that sent their car crashing into a frozen Wisconsin marsh. The two women and baby were lucky to survive the crash and plunge, but things looked extremely bleak when Nicole couldn’t free her baby from […]


This Dog Was Moments Away From Drowning, But Was Rescued In The Nick Of Time

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Dogs are known as man’s best friend…but humans need to be a dog’s best friend, too. This husky was in deep water (and deep trouble), but thankfully a few human friends stepped in to save the day. Just wait for the end, though. The dog’s reaction is priceless. That, my friends, is what pure, grateful […]


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