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‘Great. Just great.’ Romney 2016 speculation sparks déjà vu, facepalms

, , ,!/allahpundit/status/521775407448616960 Mitt Romney was in Iowa recently to help drum up support for Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst: Spotted in Cedar Rapids: Mitt and Wilson, who drove his white pickup across America for Romney. Cc @mikiebarb — Philip Rucker (@PhilipRucker) October 13, 2014 Romney, excited to see Wilson, asked how his truck was holding […]


Lapdogs, unite! Obama’s ‘team of merry manchildren’ mocks Romney Russia op-ed

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Look at this circle jerk.. @pfeiffer44 @TVietor08 @MarkHalperin The 80's called, fellas.. They want their Sit'n Spin back. — Sean Agnew (@seanagnew) March 18, 2014 Gross description, but accurate nonetheless. Seriously. Is there a better way to describe this sickening spectacle? Despite the fact that Mitt Romney was right about Russia all along, his op-ed […]


Tearful Melissa Harris-Perry addresses mockery of Romney baby [video]

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Melissa Harris-Perry on the verge of tears during televised apology to the Romney's on @MHPshow. — Dorsey Shaw (@dorseyshaw) January 4, 2014 Last weekend, Melissa Harris-Perry hosted a despicable MSNBC panel that mocked Mitt Romney’s adopted black grandson. Transracial adoption? Hi-freaking-larious, according to her panel. Her apology tweets — complete with self-serving hashtag — struck many as a faux-pology. […]


All I Wanted Was For Clint Eastwood's RNC Speech To Be Several Memes. Thank You, Internet!

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Clint Eastwood’s presence at the Republican National Convention was a little baffling — and even more baffling when he started talking. If you missed the speech, here it is. Please refrain from partaking of any beverages while watching, as you might just ruin your computer screen. And thus, Invisible Obama was born. Here are our […]


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