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Russell Simmons’ ‘B-Rock’ beats down Rush Limbaugh in new cartoon

, , ,!/UncleRUSH/status/429060338085289984 Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons is a practicing yogi, but his “All Def Digital” YouTube channel isn’t quite so peaceful. This is the channel that brought us the “Harriet Tubman Sex Tape” and an assault rifle-toting cartoon President Obama. The latest installment in the life of the “trash-talking, butt-kicking, doorag-wearing gangsta, B-ROCK” has the hero […]


Sandra Fluke says Rush Limbaugh fight showed ‘the kind of leader that I am’

, , ,!/back_ttys/status/472481382074445824 Sandra Fluke’s campaign recently declared victory over Rush Limbaugh, and now the California state senate candidate wants voters to know that her fight against the radio talk show host demonstrated her leadership qualities:!/SandraFluke/status/472477800876609537 “Leader”? How’s that exactly? Many couldn’t figure it out:!/GOPMommy/status/472484193411158016!/US395/status/472482161006628864!/jneutron1969/status/472479359647772672!/EEElverhoy/status/472485876849602560!/bmcsmith92/status/472486161416744960!/chrismcm66/status/472486099504222208 Fluke has also helped lead […]


Former waitress donates Rush Limbaugh’s $2,000 tips to abortion fund

, , , , ,!/JayCaruso/status/514491570171936768 In the midst of yet another “fascist” campaign to silence broadcaster Rush Limbaugh, one woman is reportedly putting his money where her mouth is. The Dallas Morning News reports that Merritt Tierce, formerly a waitress at Nick & Sam’s, twice waited on Rush Limbaugh and friend Al Michaels. Both times Limbaugh left her $2,000 tips on modest-size checks, […]


Rush Limbaugh blasts latest Democrat attempt to silence him

, ,!/TheRightWingM/status/512342523792994304 The Democrats have launched another “Stop Rush” push to get Rush Limbaugh taken off air, but mostly to fund raise. [email protected]: Limbaugh "should be taken off the air immediately." Agree? Add your name. — DCCC (@dccc) September 17, 2014 Limbaugh is fighting back: The [email protected] lie about [email protected] in [email protected]: Don’t […]


Eric Bolling of ‘Cashin’ In’ loves Rush Limbaugh’s ratings perspective

, , , , , ,!/ctbauza/status/510822142900846592 To trend >worldwide< at #3 is amazing for a 30-minute TV show. #CashinIn @ericbolling @JonathanHoenig @MichelleFields — Prof. Nick Flor (@ProfessorF) September 13, 2014 Eric Bolling of Fox News’ “Cashin’ In” and “The Five” passed along some interesting ratings information with a little help from Rush Limbaugh. #Cashinin and Rush Limbaugh team up […]


See why this possible reason for Holder resigning has people terrified

, , , , ,!/GaryBlackal/status/515179123757842434 What would be a nightmare scenario? Oh, just this: [email protected] Holder might be a great guy, but I'm glad he's leaving. Just hope he's not Obama's nomination to SCOTUS. — Rob Frankel (@brandingexpert) September 25, 2014 Um, “great guy” nonsense aside … OMG the horror! Sshh! Don’t even joke about that. That Twitter user […]


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