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Obama admin’s toughest sanctions against Putin yet: Hashtag games

, , , , , , , ,!/SaintRPh/status/449014547555180544 This is what U.S. foreign policy has been reduced to: Government flacks engaging in hashtag diplomacy:!/statedeptspox/status/448944053741031424 Yes, that’s State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki lamely giving the thumbs up to Ukraine.!/macon44/status/448885692811071488!/JohnKerry/status/448896522319458304!/AmbassadorPower/status/448975553127649280 At least Samantha Power couldn’t bring herself to tweet a photo with the hashtag impotently written on a card. We have a feeling Russian President Vladimir Putin […]


WaPo writer finds similarities between Putin’s words and Hitler’s

, , , , , , ,!/DanaPerino/status/446104269977292800 Russian President Vladimir Putin’s most recent speech justifying his actions in Crimea have one journalist finding striking resemblances to Adolf Hitler’s excuses for doing some annexing and invading himself:!/ChuckLane1/status/446095092320059392!/ChuckLane1/status/446095945735102465 This “mistake” by former Soviet Union leader Joseph Stalin caused the starvation of millions of Ukrainians in 1932 and 1933.!/ChuckLane1/status/446097172258643968!/ChuckLane1/status/446099176875892736!/ChuckLane1/status/446100701190832130!/ChuckLane1/status/446102658227920896!/ChuckLane1/status/446104937622437888 […]


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