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President says too many prisoners nonviolent; 6,000 released

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President Obama’s signing of a two-year budget deal has been at the forefront of the news today, but he’s sinceturned his laser-like focus back tocriminal justice reform. Earlier today, he sat down for an interview with NBC News that willair tonight, and this afternoon he delivered a speech at Rutgers University to explain why more […]


So, which pantsuited ‘war criminal’ spoke at Rutgers without protest?

, , , , , ,!/EricBoehlert/status/462605770996342784 It doesn’t? Well, that depends. As Twitchy reported, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announced she will not speak at Rutgers’ commencement ceremony after sit-ins and other protests by students and faculty against the “war criminal” became a distraction. However, support of the Iraq war doesn’t seem to have precluded a certain New York senator who voted […]


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