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This World Series win photo with befuddled Bud Selig is cracking people up

, , ,!/MaxwellAmerican/status/527668965946834944 All of the favorites indeed. First, this happened: GIANTS WIN THE WORLD SERIES! Madison Bumgarner submits LEGENDARY Game 7 performance to lead San Francisco to 3-2 win. — SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) October 30, 2014 // BREAKING: The San Francisco Giants win their third World Series title, beating the Kansas City Royals — TODAY […]


San Francisco celebrates World Series win with mayhem and riot-selfies

, , , , , ,!/blackismy/status/527755312028450816 Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants who won the 2014 World Series last night with a dramatic 3-2 win over the Kansas City Royals. And as is tradition here in America, the way to celebrate such a monumental athletic achievement is with a riot: Fans throw bottles at police, set fire in San Francisco […]


What It’s Like Ordering Coffee In San Francisco

TOO real. 1. Steve Goldbloom of the PBS webseries Everything But The News made this hilarious video about what it’s like trying to order coffee in one of San Francisco’s fancypants coffeeshops. (You know the ones.) Video available at: 2. It starts out rather normally. View this image › 3. So far, […]


What These Innocent Bystanders Saw On The Golden Gate Bridge Is Almost Magical.

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Whenever I’m driving and I encounter a deer, I usually freak out just a little bit. Not only is it pretty rare to see deer in major metropolitan area, but the thought of hitting a deer is just too horrifying. So, it’s no wonder that these people were a little shocked by what they saw […]


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