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Students at UC Santa Barbara gather for candlelight vigil

, , ,!/AdolfoFlores3/status/470391481123893249 Students at UC Santa Barbara held a candlelight vigil Saturday for those killed in a murder spree Friday night.!/joefryer/status/470392975990611968!/katemather/status/470391005041000448 Read more:


“Irresponsible politicians and NRA” blamed for Santa Barbara mass shooting

, ,!/SteveKrak/status/470330599664668672 Never mind that we have video of Elliot Rodger essentially confessing in advance to Friday’s multiple shootings near UC Santa Barbara — as usual, the NRA is to blame in the court of public opinion.!/LeonardFiles/status/470331381328121856!/SteveLevitan/status/470269079387770881!/Hesiod2k11/status/470226397047578624!/RepublicanSwine/status/470229888088027136!/Inkydelaware/status/470298082438291457!/ReelLiveFilms/status/470313424140791808!/tutticontenti/status/470324153090723840!/chris919w/status/470304716065239041 Who else could be to blame?!/txtiger1/status/470333500668006400 CNN crime reporter Shimon Prokupecz has […]


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