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The Hunter, The Hoaxer, And The Battle Over Bigfoot

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Jeffrey Meldrum is a respected anthropologist risking his reputation to prove Sasquatch is real; Rick Dyer is a self-described “entertainer” unapologetically capitalizing off it. Their rivalry represents two sides of the fractious but booming subculture. View this image › Illustration by Morgan Schweitzer for BuzzFeed It’s a sweaty July day, and Rick Dyer is in […]


What The Mars Rover Just Discovered Looks A Heck Of A Lot Like An Alien Skull

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Mars is an amazing planet that I one day hope to visit. When I get there, I only imagine I’ll be greeted by a plethora of alien lifeforms and artifacts hidden among the planet’s sands. Or, at least, that’s according to eagle-eyed paranormal enthusiasts who comb through pictures of the red planet’s surface looking for […]


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