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One Mom’s Take On School Theme Days Is Hilarious And Spot On

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It’s so hard for parents and children to get ready in the morning. Once you have a routine down, changes to that routine can really throw a wrench in the gears. Theme weeks at school can be especially time consuming, because not only do kids have to dress up in a specific way, but parents […]


Going Back To School Can Be Awesome… If You See These Hilarious Fails.

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It’s almost that time, kids. Yes, I know, I am not looking forward to it either. Back to school is one of the most miserable times of the year for kids. They have to get their back to school supplies and get ready for another year of boring and uninteresting lectures from teachers. Hopefully, your kids […]


If You Thought You Were Good At Jump Rope, You Haven’t Seen What These Kids Can Do

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If you had any semblance of a childhood, you know this to be true — jumping rope is no easy feat. Just getting the rhythm down is hard enough, but try adding another person, elaborate tricks, or chanting, and you’ve reached expert levels in my book. And that’s just what these schoolkids accomplished. Get ready […]


They Began Singing In A High School Hallway And She Immediately Started Crying

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We don’t realize it, but our high school teachers meet us during some of our most formative years. That’s why, if you think really hard, you can probably come up with one in particular who played a huge role in making you the person you are today. For a number of students at Morgan Park […]


Bored At Night? Why Not Pay A Visit To This Creepy Abandoned School House…

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Nowadays, exploring abandoned buildings can be considered more of an art form than a dangerous hobby. While, of course, urban exploration has its risks, those risks can be completely worth it…especially when the result means coming face-to-face with forgotten parts of history. Take, for example, this old one-room school house that a pair of urban […]


What This Man Is Caught Doing Looks Absolutely Horrifying At First. But Check This Out… Unreal.

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For some people around the world, a flooded river is serious business. It’s not just what you talk about at the water cooler that day. Take the Sam Lang village in Vietnam, for example. When the local river was flooded, the nearby suspension bridge was rendered useless. Travel was impossible and the village’s children couldn’t get […]


Wildlife Rescuers Are Left Completely Exhausted After Rescuing An Injured Deer.

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A school in the UK alerted Simon and his fellow animal rescuers from the Wildlife Aid Foundation to help rescue a roe deer trapped in a fenced playground area. There was a lot of blood on the ground, worrying the team of a possible injury to the deer. When they finally caught the deer, they discovered running […]


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