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Hop into the Wayback Machine and check out these #HuffPoWalkerScandals

, ,!/irishspy/status/438162311035895808 The headline in the Huffington Post — “Scott Walker Caught Breaking Campaign Rules While Running For College President In 1988″ — pretty much lets you know not to waste time reading too much further. The Daily Beast has already looked into the color of Ted Cruz’s bathrobe in college, and now it’s Scott Walker’s turn […]


John Fugelsang describes why Scott Walker is out of white sheets

, , , ,!/baseballcrank/status/437710175764762624 Actor John Fugelsang took a page from Virginia super-lefty congressional candidate Mike Dickinson with this idiotic crack about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker:!/JohnFugelsang/status/437710037138427906 Hilarious! No, not really.!/nycconservative/status/437710437581602817 Who said anything about trying to be “rooted in reality”? Read more:


Report: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker considering eliminating state income tax

, , , , ,!/lachlan/status/412976686565564416 Earlier this year, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal generated buzz with his tweets about doing away with the state’s personal and corporate income taxes. Now, his Wisconsin counterpart is reportedly making similar considerations:!/wispolitics/status/412964955038576641 From “There are many states that do very well, better than most states in the country, that have no income […]


Awkward! SALON calls TIME mag ‘Internet troll’; Crushed with ONE reminder

, , , , ,!/ConservativeLA/status/527320493305917440 What doesn’t get better? This unintentional (we presume) hilarity: Time magazine is just an embarrassing Internet troll now — (@Salon) October 29, 2014 Stop it. @Salon A little projection showing? — Charles Cosimano (@cwcosimano) October 29, 2014 You guys would know. RT @Salon: Time magazine is just an embarrassing Internet troll now […]


Union pushes flunkies to post negative reviews of Scott Walker’s book

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Can unions do anything honestly? @AFSCME is telling people to give Scott Walker book bad reviews. — Heidi (@reshas) November 30, 2013 Surprise! Gov. Walker calls public employees greedy, lazy & corrupt in his new book. Give it a review here: #1u #WIunion — AFSCME (@AFSCME) November 30, 2013 From the AFSCME […]


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