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16 Times Newman From “Seinfeld” Was The Most Real And Inspiring Person On Televsion

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“Oh, the humanity!” 1. When he didn’t let the haters stop him from living his life: View this image › NBC / Via Live your best life, Newman. 2. When he taught us all the valuable lesson: “Quit while you’re ahead.” NBC   Nothing makes you feel better than lying in the fetal position […]


Jason Alexander’s questionable underwear inspires Seinfeld riffs

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@IJasonAlexander just imagine the men that would wear it. — Flea (@Flea) August 6, 2014 Eesh. I can't tell you how much I want to understand the women that would wear this. — jason alexander (@IJasonAlexander) August 6, 2014 Do you? Do you really? @IJasonAlexander woman? Those are mine. — Danny Woodburn (@DannyWoodburn) August […]


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