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Self-awareness is hard: Benghazi-mocking Mo. lawmaker doubles down on idiocy

, , , , ,!/PhonyScandal/status/464190969189904385 Nope, not yet. As Twitchy readers know, Missouri State Rep. Stacey Newman exposed her own moral bankruptcy when she made four dead Americans into a punchline with a shameful Benghazi “joke.” Evidently, Sicko Newman isn’t done trying out her comedy act. The “despicable” Ms. Newman had no Twitter response to the rightful backlash after […]


self-awareness problem [pic]

, , , , ,!/Artist_Angie/status/472070146572288001 Oh, bless their hearts. They just can’t help themselves:!/TheDemocrats/status/472053743417315329 Genius at work, ladies and gentlemen.!/Matthops82/status/472068052989640706 Oh, it’s real. But it is most definitely not spectacular.!/MPeper/status/472067105089531904 Incredibly ridiculous.!/DCToddM/status/472085428560855040!/SMadurski/status/472070470301671424!/Matthops82/status/472069505523261440 Yeah, well, self-awareness requires a basic understanding of reality. So basically, the Democrats are screwed.!/lachlan/status/472064465983504384 Whoops.!/scause1701/status/472066168015298560 No, of course […]


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