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This Dog Has The Funniest Reaction When He Sees His Own Shadow. What A Goofball

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Ever seen a dog chase its tail? It’s funny…but this is even better. When this adorable German shepherd looks at the floor and sees his own shadow, he simply doesn’t know what to do. First he paws at it, whines…even has his owner try to “help” him. But the best part comes near the end… […]


When This Dog Sees Something On The Wall, He Has A Hilarious Reaction (LOL!)

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When it comes to new things, our pups generally have one of two reactions: bark at it or run away. My dog definitely falls under the latter category, tucking her tail and hotfooting it out of there, but this brave bulldog stands his ground and decides to defend his dad’s bed. “Away with you, evil […]


Imagine Looking Into The Sky And Seeing THIS. It Would Take Your Breath Away.

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During the autumn and winter months when the sun rises farther to the south, Mount Rainier, a stratovolcano near Tacoma, Washington, blocks the first rays of the Sun as it rises, casting an incredible shadow in the morning clouds, tinged in beautiful hues of orange and yellow. Mount Rainier is a massive volcanic peak located […]


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