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DeRay Mckesson challenges Shaun King’s integrity


Remember when questioning Black Lives Matter activist and NYDN columnist Shaun King was racist? We do. But now that it’s fellow Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson calling out King over the end of his failed anti-cop organization Justice Together, will conservatives get an apology? We know the answer. But, hey — reading this tweetstorm […]


‘You sound like a fun dad’! Social justice warrior Shaun King shares his Columbus Day tradition –

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Every Columbus Day it’s the same old story:Lefty grumps insisting that Americans should feel guilty about Christopher Columbus making it to America. And DailyKos “justice columnist” Shaun King is leading the charge: Pssst! Hey, Shaun: Worse than that? Asocial justice warrior dad who won’t rest until he’s sucked the last bit of fun out of […]


‘What about the Mike Brown fundraiser?’ Boycott over Wilson GoFundMe page begins

, , , , ,!/ShaunKing/status/502923456359723008 As Twitchy reported, yesterday, Upfront Media Group director Shaun King was threatening a boycott against GoFundMe for allowing a page supporting Ferguson PD Officer Darren Wilson. Today, he decided that the time had come to make good on his promise:!/ShaunKing/status/502887741680807936!/ShaunKing/status/502888230707273728!/ShaunKing/status/502889149205340160!/ShaunKing/status/502889716006793217 King did get retweets and shares, just like he asked for:!/gllencoco/status/502890009566142464!/GucciStilettos/status/502898451550851072 […]


‘Mother of All Mic Drops’? Jason Whitlock not finished poking at Shaun King

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As Twitchy reported earlier, Shaun King went on a Twitter rampage at sports writer Jason Whitlock after Whitlock had the nerve the nerve! to criticize him and the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Among other things, Whitlocktweeted this at King: We predicted that the fight wasn’t over then and it looks like we were right. King embarked on […]


‘Who’s the sellout?’ War of words after Jason Whitlock slams Shaun King, #BlackLivesMatter

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“Angry” is one way to put it … Shaun King is pissed. And we mean pissed. Just about as pissed as it gets. Why? Because sports writer Jason Whitlock not only shamed the spectacle of #BlackLivesMatter, but because he singled out King as a particularly pernicious force for discord: Whitlock writes: Its not a coincidence […]


‘Teaching how to scam’? Shaun King’s hitting the road with hero Bernie Sanders

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Game. Changer. No, seriously. This is important! Well, that’s it. Now that Shaun’s throwing his clout around, he should really be shown the respect he deserves. They’re like two peas in a pod! Heh. Editor’s note: This post has been updated with an additional tweet. Read more:


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