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‘Just sick’: Obama says it’s Congress’ fault he has to resort to executive action

, , , , , , ,!/BiasedGirl/status/483689994813317120 Poor Obama. It’s just not easy being him. POTUS ventured into the Rose Garden this afternoon to reiterate the importance of passing immigration reform and castigate those pesky congressional Republicans for failing to make it happen. Just pass that “darn bill” already!!/ZekeJMiller/status/483690767169646592!/elisefoley/status/483690872823758848 Serious, you guys. Because if there’s one thing Obama hates, […]


‘The disconnect is stunning’! Obama on #MH17: ‘Looks like it may be a tragedy’ [Vine]

, ,!/drawandstrike/status/489835234821545984 President Obama traveled to Delaware today to give a speech about his commitment to rebuilding our infrastructure (well, after he finished his burger). So, what did he have to say about the reports of the Malaysia Airlines crash?!/NoahCRothman/status/489835141481897984!/derekahunter/status/489835194765959169 Well, that’s not entirely true. He also said this:!/ZekeJMiller/status/489835327327309824!/SooperMexican/status/489837918132113410 “Looks like”? Surely he could’ve chosen […]


Pres. Stupid: Is this what Obama will blame for US Embassy takeover?

, , , ,!/RichardGrenell/status/506107677240754176 Sad. As Twitchy readers know, reports surfaced Sunday morning indicating that an Islamist militia group had taken over the US Embassy in Libya. If true, where is the president? What will he do next? Some predicted this will happen:!/AG_Conservative/status/506107518087856128 But no need to blame YouTube videos anymore, right President Stupid? Remember, Obama recently […]


Obama counters own claim Iraq troop pullout wasn’t his decision [video]

,!/CuffyMeh/status/498931566689943552 On Saturday, President Obama was asked if he had second thoughts about pulling out all remaining U.S. troops from Iraq in 2011. Obama answered that pulling the remaining troops from Iraq wasn’t his decision. Devastating flashbacks show that if it wasn’t Obama’s decision, he sure did take credit for it:!/AaronHenager1/status/498933900446826497!/realchrishynes/status/498932425054232579 Video via […]


Obama says ACA opponents are ‘mad about the idea of folks having health insurance’

, , ,!/ByronYork/status/451094357064826881 And we’d expect nothing less from the demonizer in chief. During his presser this afternoon, President Obama took a short break from patting himself on the back to paint his critics as mean ol’ meanies:!/jamiedupree/status/451094236243714048!/WhiteHouse/status/451094689006235648 Does John Legend know Obama is stealing his material? Well, in any event, President Stompy Foot isn’t acting very […]


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