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When This Dog Sees Something On The Wall, He Has A Hilarious Reaction (LOL!)

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When it comes to new things, our pups generally have one of two reactions: bark at it or run away. My dog definitely falls under the latter category, tucking her tail and hotfooting it out of there, but this brave bulldog stands his ground and decides to defend his dad’s bed. “Away with you, evil […]


This Boxer Walked Up To A Pair Of Shoes…Just Wait ‘Til You See What He Does!

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Normally, when a dog comes across an unattended pair of shoes, they take the opportunity to tear them apart. I imagine all those foot smells are pretty enticing. But when this boxer’s mom told him to fetch her Crocs, rather than running off with them to nom on the irresistibly squishy insoles, he did something […]


They Left The Fridge Door Open For Just A Few Minutes And Came Back To This

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Being a husky in warmer climates can be tough, so what’s a Florida-born cold-weather pup to do? Luna here has found the best answer to that question. When her owner left the fridge door open for just a moment, she took the opportunity to cool down a bit by jumping right into the fridge and […]


One Silly Dog Just Can’t Figure Out How To Use The Patio Door. Maybe One Day.

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This funny little dog clearly had one too many “run-ins” with a closed door. Watch as the little guy stands outside the glass door, waiting for his owners to open it and let him in. What he doesn’t realize is the door is already open. Eventually, his owner decides to give the pup some help […]


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