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When You Die In Singapore, You Can Only Rent A Grave For 15 Years

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When it comes time to shuffle off this mortal coil, many of us will rest assured knowing that our human body has a permanent resting place somewhere in the world that we paid top dollar to secure. That is, if you’re not buried in Singapore. If you’re laid to rest on the island nation, your […]


This Insanely Awesome Jet Suite Is Better Than My Home. It’s The Only Way To Fly.

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Flying isn’t that much fun. The seats in economy keep getting smaller, the baggage fees keep increasing, and, oh yeah, sometimes this happens. However, for the low price of just $18,400, you can have your own private suite with gourmet food, a beverage service, and a full-size double bed. Prepare to be jealous. Intrepid blogger Derek Low cashed in his frequent […]


Ikea Advertises Adoptable Dogs In Their Stores, Because Every Home Needs A Loving Pet

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Home For Hope is a project that was born out of a pressing issue in Singapore, the amount of dogs living in shelters and not getting adopted. With a limited budget, most animal shelters can only afford to voice their messages using social media, but the problem with that is their followers are mostly pet […]


This Seriously Creepy Sea Creature Belongs In A Science Fiction Movie.

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Singapore fisherman Ong Han Boon reeled in some doozies in his day, but nothing prepared him for the shocking discovery he made recently. The animal, with its writhing arms, looks like it came straight from a sci-fi flick. Actually, it came from the dark depths of the ocean, where humans rarely go. Boon told his local radio […]


There Is Something Incredible About This Percussion Band. Its Members Are Deaf.

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Most people believe that the deaf can’t appreciate music, much less make music. However, those people are about to be proved wrong. This amazing percussion band from Singapore called ExtraOrdinary Horizons is made up of young musicians and singers, all of which are deaf. Watch as they lay down some serious beats in their music video below, called […]


Inspirational Short Film Shows How Doing Good Creates Endless Ripples Of Kindness.

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Even the simplest act of kindness can make someone’s day and inspire them to pay it forward. Ripple, a short film from Singapore, tells a story about a man who wants nothing more than to pay tribute to a stranger’s good deed that moved him decades ago. As the story unfolds, something beautiful happens that […]


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