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Throw Your Phone Out — This Is The Best Alarm Clock You’ll Ever Find

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Apps, traditional alarm clocks, radios…they all have one fatal flaw when it comes to waking you up. You can silence them. The snooze button is our best friend and worst enemy. Which is why you need to get this adorable alarm clock complete with a no-snooze function. We guarantee this little guy will wake you […]


11 Things That Everyone With Insomnia Understands

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If you’re anything like me and you personally identify as a zombie, you probably experience the life-ruining power of sleep disorders every night of your life. I can tell you from experience that sleeping approximately never takes a toll on just about every aspect of life, and I know that all of my insomniac brothers […]


Owners Caught A German Shepherd Hilariously Waking Up From A Deep Sleep.

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We’ve all had those amazing deep sleeps where we’re dreaming away happily then something happens to wake us up. When we finally open our eyes, we’re dazed and confused. The line between sleeping and awake is seriously blurred for a few minutes. It would seem dogs are no strangers to that feeling either, as hilariously […]


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