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Nothing Has Made Me Smile As Much As This 65 Year Old With Down Syndrome. He’s AWESOME.

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Redditor twilling8 shared these pictures of his great-uncle Phil, who has Down Syndrome. He says his great-uncle loves Christmas just as much now at the age of 65 as he did when he was just a toddler. Sadly Phil has advanced Alzheimer’s now and his health is in steep decline, but that doesn’t stop him from wearing […]


A Little Girl Sees Her New Smile For The Very First Time. And It’s Heart Melting.

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Talita is a little girl from Brazil who will completely steal your heart as you watch this video of her smiling for the very first time after cleft lip surgery. As the song says, she’s a beautiful girl. The operation was performed by Dr David Chong and arranged by Operation Smile, a nonprofit organization that […]


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