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These Photos From A Rattlesnake Roundup Will Make Your Skin Itch

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All across America, different states have unique, and some might say wacky, traditions. In many southern states, there is a particular tradition that will probably give you the creeps, though. We bring you the rattlesnake roundup. If you’re not familiar with these reptilian spectacles, let’s go on a tour of one together… Rattlesnake roundups (also […]


Keeping Up The Christmas Decorations Too Long Gave One Guy A Nasty Surprise

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It’s halfway through the month of January so at this point if you still have your Christmas decorations up, you should either take them down or just own it. Keep them up the rest of the year and be the Christmas king of the neighborhood. But for one guy, being lazy with his yuletide decorations […]


13 Snake Photos That Will Totally Freak You Out — Never Turn Your Back On A Snake

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In the wonderful world of creepiness, there are two creatures that reign supreme: snakes and spiders. Whichever one you fear more can have a huge impact on how you see the world around you. If you ask me, snakes are definitely the freakiest critters of all. You see, at least with spiders, you can drop […]


They Were Filming An Iguana When This Craziness Happened…What The Hell?

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The “Planet Earth” filming crew was recently shooting footage of hatchling marine iguanas when they got a terrifying surprise. Although snakes are known to eat iguanas, they typically hunt for their prey alone. It’s part of their nature that we all take for granted. Slippery, sneaky loners…that’s how I’ve always thought of snakes, until I […]


A Python Meets A Crocodile. And After Seeing What Happened, I’m Never Going Outside Again.

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It’s easy to take our existence for granted. After all, we exited the food chain. Unless you’re living in the middle of the jungle, you probably don’t have to worry about a tiger knocking at your door, waiting to eat you. Then, this Reddit user reminded us that nature is indeed quite frightening and could […]


This Video Shows How A Deadly Spider Uses Its Web To Catch Reptiles

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When it comes to the world of spiders, there are so many species out there that can cause you a world of pain. One of the freakiest spider species of all, however, is the Australian redback spider. To illustrate just how devious these critters can be, I present to you the following footage. It was […]


A Pop Star Brought A Cobra On Stage…You Can Probably Guess What Happened Next

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She may be a pop singer, but her animal-centric antics were more in line with metal madman Ozzy Osbourne than Ariana Grande. Indonesian singer Irma Bule passed away earlier this month after she was bitten by a cobra on stage…one that she actively danced with while she performed. Apparently, bringing dangerous snakes on stage was […]


You’re Gonna Want To Stay As Far Away From This Place As Possible. Trust Me.

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If you happen to be scared of snakes (like any sane person) then stay as far away from the Canadian province of Manitoba during spring. For you see, the World’s largest gathering of snakes takes place there every year when thousands of snakes gather at the Narcisse Snake Dens. Manitoba’s climate and geology make it […]


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