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NBC News looks out front door, finds #DumpTrump protest underway

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NBC News crews didn’t have far to go to cover the latest #DumpTrump rally, as protesters armed with megaphones gathered outside the “Saturday Night Live” studios while Donald Trump and the SNL cast rehearsed inside. Seeing as the promos for Trump’s appearance have already been released, rehearsals are underway and Trump is likely to draw […]


TELLING: Some people noticed something missing from SNL’s Hillary Clinton skits

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Boy, was it! Well, “Saturday Night Live” didn’t do better. The consensus is in: Pander-fest. Plus, many viewers noticed something about curious: Makes sense, right? Alas, it didn’t happen. What was missing from the Hillary Clinton sketches? This: Pa. Thetic. But, hey, they did manage to make a lame Polish joke, as Twitchy readers know. […]


Obama won’t like this brutal truth-snark on Ebola from SNL!

, , ,!/Jenism101/status/526216010274066435 You know things are bad for President Obama when even Saturday Night Live isn’t buying his happy talk on Ebola in America. Here’s the video from last night’s cold open of the program, which skewers both the president and “Ebola Caesar” Ron Klain: Saturday Night Live has a little fun with Obama, his second […]


21 Excellent Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About “Wayne’s World”

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Schwing! 1. Mike Myers wanted Wayne’s World to be about a local cable access show because hosting one was a lifelong dream of his. View this image › Paramount Pictures / Via In 1992, he explained that he never had one in real life because he “couldn’t get around to filling out the forms […]


Chris Rock’s sparks controversy with jokes about 9/11, Boston Marathon

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This opening monologue by Chris Rock on #SNL is a little uncomfortable. Talking Boston marathon bombing and 9/11. — Simon Ostler (@SimonOstler) November 2, 2014 Any humor even tangentially related to 9/11 or the Boston Marathon bombing is certain to be controversial. Chris Rock’s opening monologue on Saturday Night Live proves that. Reaction on Twitter […]


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