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Did lib ‘tolerance’ force Kristen Johnston to delete Twitter account?

, , , , , , , ,!/wordwarrior39/status/434948998017716224 Editor’s note, 4/1/2014: Kristen Johnston reached out to Twitchy to expand on her February tweets. Her full message has been added to the end of this post. As Twitchy readers know, “Juno” actress Ellen Page came out on Friday. Many wondered why celebs and journos were breathlessly reporting the news: Should it even be […]


‘Arthur Sulzberger Jr.’ excited to join Twitter, share what’s new

, , , ,!/NYTeileen/status/467118476448911360 No, that Twitter account that went live Thursday night wasn’t really New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr.!/ASulzberger/status/467107361501364224 News and updates, huh? So, has anything special happened at the Times recently?!/melissalyttle/status/467109600156991490!/CNell_LA/status/467109747431198720 Can’t @ASulzberger stay and play for a little bit? The Times says no.!/Popehat/status/467121555328102400!/markyzaguirre/status/467122716336996352   Read more:


hasn’t taken down ‘Kill Kendall Jones’ page?!?

, , , ,!/JGreenDC/status/486945719258198016 This morning, Twitchy brought you the story of the “Kill Kendall Jones” Facebook page: Facebook has standards. And 19-year-old Kendall Jones’ hunting photos violate those standards, a spokesperson for the social network told Mashable … When Juneau Empire reporter Matt Woolbright spotted the “Kill Kendall Jones” Facebook page, he reported it as “harassment” and a “credible threat of violence.” But […]


‘Ugh’: Dems’ proposed Obama bumper sticker sparks facepalms, Photoshops

, , , , ,!/whads/status/469861897060483072 Ah, but alas. In order to be embarrassed, one must be capable of feeling shame. And the Democrats have no shame. Check out this bumper sticker they’re proposing:!/TheDemocrats/status/469849447284088832 Is this real life?!/mosesmosesmoses/status/469864021047644161 Seriously. How lame is this?!/brodigan/status/469863768256557056!/B_Helderop/status/469861319764897793!/benshapiro/status/469864068900470785 Let’s consider what kind of boss Obama is, shall we?!/LaurenC_Lux/status/469859427181289472!/moderncomments/status/469860404555186176!/TheBrandonMorse/status/469862825801023488!/dillon_abrams/status/469860688475983872 […]


Hacked? Madonna uses N-word in Instagram photo of son Rocco

, , ,!/VictorianJedi/status/424362988858900480 What makes people think Madonna’s Instagram account was hacked? On Friday, the singer posted a photo of her son Rocco with the caption, “No one messes with Dirty Soap! Mama said knock you out! #disnigga.” editor-in-chief M. Tye Comer was among those not feeling the #disnigga hashtag.!/embraceurcrazy/status/424344602502770688!/101flyboy/status/424387234976890880!/amandaseales/status/424382005778710528 It doesn’t look […]


Check out the best Christmas trees on Twitter

, , , , , ,!/The_GovernorTWD/status/415286024764284928 And the Twitchy nominees for craziest, sexiest, coolest, crass-est Christmas trees on Twitter are … drumroll please…!/itvnews/status/415782826328334336!/TweetSmarter/status/414551682870046720!/YouScoop/status/415820147736072192!/TheNTNews/status/415692859929415680!/BBCAfrica/status/415734180094672896 Camp Taji, Iraq. God bless all our men and women in uniform who will be away from their families for the holidays.!/USArmy/status/413724525734682624 For the ladies:!/WhennBoys/status/414938565614002177 Thrifty!!/Catrina_Rawson/status/414148658372702208 Pokemon overload.!/AshKetchum151/status/413877004966957056 […]


‘Left-wing BS’: ‘Sleepy Hollow’ series takes a shot at the Second Amendment

, , , , ,!/ChrisCamps76/status/422920605504393216 Apparently the answer is “yes.”!/DoozyBot/status/422963284635942912 Ichabod Crane doesn’t care for skinny jeans and he hints that he’s not too thrilled with how the whole Second Amendment thing turned out. This conversation took place on Monday night’s episode of “Sleepy Hollow” (video here at the 26:14 mark): Jennifer Mills: I helped them get their […]


‘WTF?’ Facebook gives pass to page calling for death to Jews [photo]; Updated

, , , ,!/BrentRosenbaum/status/493762937920565248 “Death to zionst baby killer israeli jews” is a real Facebook page: And as the Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein points out, Facebook is apparently OK with that:!/philipaklein/status/493766957565353984 Pardon our French, but what the hell kind of bullcrap is that?!/RCannon74/status/493763658904637443 Does Facebook have any standards? At all?!/smug2bme/status/493764850737504256 *** Update: ‘Nice work, everybody!’ […]


Some Twitter users’ tweets are disappearing

, ,!/lastk1ng_/status/413389676700237824 Many Twitter users are reporting that tweets — both their own and those they saw posted by other people — have been vanishing into thin air.!/dellcam/status/413187511905554434!/lyndacolarusso/status/413386551066783744!/sunshineshire/status/413186298103345152!/0shaakirah8/status/413335471935455232!/scardinosaur/status/412952166220193792!/JustLikeCandii_/status/413182860795723777!/ShireenSandoval/status/413307559483699200!/Des_Brown10/status/413213002285199360 Even U.S. Senators are not immune:!/clairecmc/status/413332144761896961 Then there’s this poor guy:!/nickypoosays/status/413173927762862080 If his tweet about his tweet about […]


‘Y’all nasty!’ 49ers player grosses out Greta Van Susteren, others

, , , , , ,!/Danielle_owens6/status/425092818806140929 Oh no. Did they?!/ERIbodyfollome/status/425092941619924993!/tarahNaismith/status/425092905397530624 Eww!!/Suck_It_Trebek/status/425092950964441088 They did! Richard Sherman caused quite the stir with his cuckoo pants rant post-game, but Twitter was also buzzing over the nose-blowing “eww” moment during the 49ers/Seahawks game. Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren was none too pleased.!/seanhannity/status/425092928974094336!/gretawire/status/425093122255626240 Oh brother indeed. Football fans were grossed […]


‘Keep calm and look at this dog’: Facebook users survive brief outage

, , ,!/momsreview4you/status/507252961958199296 Facebook going down earlier prompted a wave of people to head to a functional Twitter and attempt to calm the nerves of anybody who might have been in panic mode:!/Londonandreams/status/507257712380739584!/DJ__nufc/status/507259908417683456!/FriendsReactss/status/507255555040493568!/NolteNC/status/507256293099569152!/jrsalzman/status/507254389732802561!/AlexJamesFitz/status/507252290605285376!/Guyism/status/507252191422599168 However, all is well now:!/stephenkruiser/status/507258515589980163 Read more:


The 2013 Twitchys: Top 20 deleted tweets of the year

, , , , , , , ,

When politicians, journalists, and celebrities write ill-considered tweets, they often reach for the “delete” button as quickly as they can, hoping to erase the evidence of their foolishness before anyone notices. Unfortunately for them — but fortunately for you! — that trick hardly ever works. Thus, we present the twenty best deleted tweet events of […]


Duck Dynasty’s John Luke Robertson joins Twitter, talks faith & Phil’s remote

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John Luke finally got a twitter! #gofollow @John316Luke923 — Korie Robertson (@bosshogswife) February 23, 2014 Willie and Korie Robertson’s teen son, John Luke, joined Twitter a week ago quickly hit the 70,000 follower mark. His account isn’t verified yet, but mom Korie and sister Sadie welcomed him to Twitter. John Luke finally got a twitter […]


Snort! Was this Lawrence O’Donnell’s funniest act of self-parody yet?

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Lawrence O'Donnell favorably quoting Rick Santorum to attack Chris Christie. Go home, America. You're drunk. — Caleb Howe (@CalebHowe) January 16, 2014 What?! @CalebHowe That happened, or people claimed it happened? — Make Guitars not War (@RPFostex) January 16, 2014 Oh, it happened. Watch, read and giggle madly: Lawrence O'Donnell Favorably Features Rick Santorum Quote […]


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