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WOOSH! EPSN’s Katie Nolan’s anti-Trump comments launch a #MAGA attack

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On Wednesday night, ESPN’s Katie Nolan appeared on the Desus & Mero talk show. During the interview, one of the hosts mentions that President Trump has a habit of putting thumbs up. “Well that’s because he’s a  f***,” Nolan said. Once she realized what she said, it became evident that she realized hse put her foot […]


They Were Trying To Throw A Puck To A Little Kid, But What Happened Will FLOOR You

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Sports players and coaches most of the time want to give their fans a really unique and special experience when they come out to a game. But occasionally, they’ll go above and beyond to offer an unsuspecting admirer a very special moment. That’s exactly what happened when the coach of the Buffalo Sabres, Dan Bylsma, […]


This Guy Built Himself The Ultimate Man Cave Inside An Actual Sports Stadium.

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Opened in 1965, the Astrodome in Houston, Texas was home to the Houston Astros, Houston Oilers, and Roy Hofheinz. Who’s Roy Hofheinz? He’s the former Mayor of Houston and pioneer of modern stadiums that built a private home in this revolutionary building. It had a bowling alley, movie theater, and, oh yeah, a sports stadium. […]


10 Incredible Olympians Who Will Inspire You To Fight For Your Dreams

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); When the Olympic Games roll around, we’re all confronted with what people can accomplish with enough dedication. No matter which arenas these athletes step into, there is a common thread that connects each and every one of them: They make it their mission to achieve their dreams. Whether they grew up […]


Inspiring Officer Talks A Man Off A Bridge By Starting A Conversation About Football

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If you asked millions of men across the country, they’d tell you that football is the great equalizer. When this quick-thinking police officer responded to a call about a suicidal civilian sitting on the edge of a bridge, he quickly tried to form a connection with the struggling man that would get him talking instead […]


Adorable Shelter Dogs Serve As ‘Ball Boys’ At A Brazilian Tennis Tournament

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It looks like four former street dogs, rescued from the slums and abandoned lots around São Paulo, Brazil, have found their dream job after taking on the role of ‘ball dogs’ for a tennis match at last week’s Brazil Open. Frida, Costela, Mel, and Isabelle were specially trained in the hope that the stunt would […]


This Is Exactly Why You Should Never Celebrate A Victory Too Early

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Celebrating a victory is a very normal thing to do. You won the game, and you should be proud of yourself! Once the game is over and you’ve secured your victory, feel free to party and celebrate all you want. But make sure that the game is over. If you get caught celebrating a victory […]


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