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‘White people win again’: Diversity police react to Colbert replacing Letterman

, , , , ,!/TheBrandonMorse/status/454292218040184832 Welp, that didn’t take long.!/Matthops82/status/454290565379948544 It’s just like Slate predicted! People are buzzing today over the announcement that Stephen Colbert will replace David Letterman as host of “Late Show” when Letterman retires next year. But for many, excitement quickly turned to whining:!/waypastparadise/status/454292825103155200 Friggin’ white males … they ruin everything! […]



, ,!/KellyannePolls/status/449669040705769472 If you fail to laugh at Stephen Colbert’s satirical “ching chong ding dong” shtick, which portrays conservatives as grotesquely racist, GOP strategist/pollster Kellyanne Conway thinks you don’t have a sense of humor. And, according to Kellyanne, it’s all President Obama’s fault. Interesting take. Related: Deadspin post on why ‘gooks don’t get’ Colbert joke deemed acceptable because authors are Asian ‘Just priceless’: Patton Oswalt […]


Get ready! Joe Scarborough reportedly poised to drop a bombshell of his own

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Wow, Joe Scarborough. This changes everything. Or is it nothing? [email protected] just announced during @colbertlateshow taping that he's leaving GOP. Now an Independent. Watch tonight at 11:35 on @CBS — Chris Licht (@ChrisLicht) July 11, 2017 // Alrighty then. Oh. — Dan Isett (@DanIsett) July 11, 2017 // File this in the "who gives […]


Arne Duncan, Mike Bloomberg congratulate Stephen Colbert with lame ‘Late Show’ advice

, , , , , ,!/wmchamberlain/status/454351746798612480 Education Secretary Arne Duncan is psyched that Stephen Colbert’s been chosen to succeed David Letterman. Because now, maybe he can finally convince a late-night host to give the audience what they’ve been craving:!/arneduncan/status/454351332460466176 Sounds like a laugh riot! Who doesn’t want to tune in for that? Oh, and speaking of exciting material, former NYC mayor Michael […]


Racist ‘joke’ has people calling for Comedy Central to #CancelColbert

, , , , ,!/18millionrising/status/449329516884680707 Is this supposed to be a joke? Stephen Colbert thought so. He was attempting to satirize Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder and his launch of the Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation, but his joke didn’t quite fly.!/ColbertReport/status/449320692446920704 Get it?!/suey_park/status/449334025002688513!/suey_park/status/449334578197434368!/suey_park/status/449334972751417344 Suey Park wasn’t alone calling for Colbert’s cancellation. #CancelColbert soon trended.!/eiridescent/status/449334916346421248!/parkyhee/status/449335258371358720 […]


Which of ‘The Five’ is ready to take over for David Letterman?

, , , ,!/FiveFanPS/status/451880221885493248 Of course it’s Dana Perino’s dog, Jasper. You didn’t think it was Greg Gutfeld, did you?!/Westvoner/status/451882137625427968!/DanaPerino/status/451898789377609728 Read more:


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