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You’ll Never See Stereotypes The Same Way Again After You Read This.

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Artist Joel Parés sees the world the way we do, but with a better sense of the underlying subtleties that run our lives. That’s why he recently created the inspiring “Judging America” visual series to highlight the huge problem of stereotypes in America. When you see these 10 extremely powerful men and women, you’ll understand exactly why Parés […]


Who’s the ‘real bigot’? Kareem Abdul-Jabbar claims Ben Carson is bad for black Americans

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That’s a fair question. The NBA legend took to TIME today to share his thoughts about GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson. Let’s just say Kareem is not a fan: In his TIME op-ed, Abdul-Jabbar writes: However, [Carson]chose to run for president of the U.S., and thats bad for African-Americans. His repressive, muddled and pious policies […]


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