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Woman who faced death sentence in Sudan now on US soil [pics]

, , ,!/NH1News/status/494951647790268417 In Sudan Meriam Ibrahim was sentenced to death for apostasy because she is a Christian. She was also sentenced to be flogged for adultery because the Islamic court did not recognize her Christian marriage. Thankfully she and her family are now in the United States.!/NancyChenNews/status/494998231097835520!/NancyChenNews/status/495001361420128256!/HagerWBZ/status/495001272605753344!/LisaDaftari/status/494936306242568192!/KellyAyotte/status/495010209992294402 Good to see that […]


‘Where’s the hashtag?’: Pregnant Sudanese Christian sentenced to death for apostasy

, , , , , ,!/ezralevant/status/467060828056064002 Talk about a war on women. A pregnant Sudanese woman has been sentenced to be hanged for converting to Christianity. The Sudanese court magnanimously will allow her to give birth and wean her baby before executing her. However, she is also sentenced to be flogged for adultery because her marriage to another Christian isn’t recognized […]


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