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Forget The Funny Commercials — This Is The Super Bowl Ad That You Need To See

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If you tuned into Super Bowl 50 last weekend, chances are that you, like most Americans, were watching partly because of the game, and partly because of the ridiculous commercials. Companies pay extremely large amounts of money to have their ads seen on Super Bowl Sunday, and this year was no exception. But one commercial […]


Renee Fleming’s Super Bowl National Anthem wins raves [pic, video]

, , , ,!/TheCleopahtra/status/430123803168227328 Soprano Renee Fleming’s version of the National Anthem before the start of the Super Bowl is winning thumbs-up reviews:!/Bazooka_Bob/status/430124681782624256!/MZHemingway/status/430121509281988608!/YahooMusic/status/430119162917048320!/ellencarmichael/status/430119484733808640 Video:!/DeanLewisND/status/430121460695199744 It’s been a very thematic Super Bowl so far:!/APgelston/status/430121513598324738 *** Related: ‘Flipping the bird to PETA’: Joe Namath’s fur coat turns heads at the Super Bowl [pic] Read […]


Tears of laughter TD! Was this the best Broncos-blasting Super Bowl tweet?

, ,!/TravDav_/status/430152552219291650 Ask and ye shall receive!!/RobinMcCauley/status/430134383958183936 Giggling madly. With snorts! Was that early entry the best Broncos-blasting Super Bowl tweet of the night? You decide! The tweet was retweeted over 400 times and counting. Some other contenders: Gov. Jindal scored big with an excellent Super Bowl zinger and Albert Brooks piled on with some […]


Nationwide Insurance Issued A Statement About Its Shocking Super Bowl Ad

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UPDATE: The insurance company responded to criticism about the commercial. update Nationwide has issued a statement about its Super Bowl ad and the reactions it caused. Preventable injuries around the home are the leading cause of childhood deaths in America. Most people don’t know that. Nationwide ran an ad during the Super Bowl that started […]


Ad with Jeff Goldblum singing the theme from ‘The Jeffersons’ falls flat


Who in the world (other than thought having Jeff Goldblum sing the theme from “The Jeffersons” to sell apartments would be a good idea? Watch white privilege work: Or maybe we’re wrong? Al Roker liked it… Read more:


This Year’s Super Bowl Was The Most Watched Thing On American TV — Ever

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The NBC broadcast of Super Bowl XLIX was the most watched show in U.S. television history, with 114.4 million viewers. View this image › Andrew Weber/Usa Today Sports More than 114 million people tuned in to the Super Bowl on Sunday, making it the most viewed show in U.S. history, according to ratings data released […]


‘Delicious!’ PETA’s Super Bowl wings freak-out inspires saucy tweets [pics]

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[email protected] DM me & I'll send you my fave chicken wings & burger recipes for the Super Bowl. #MeatIsDinner #KruiserFeelings — SFK (@stephenkruiser) January 31, 2014 Heh. What prompted the tasty Super Bowl tweets to PETA? This irresistible gem: SICKENING: During the #SuperBowl, American consumers will eat a total of 1.25 BILLION wings (300 MILLION+ […]


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