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Trolling hard: We’re calling BS on the trending #EndFathersDay hashtag

, , ,!/TashaPolwright/status/477390782270148608 Here’s a sampling of tweets from the #EndFathersDay hashtag that has hundreds of people laughing, crying and pulling out their hair today.!/TashaPolwright/status/477327223578316800!/NayNayCantStop/status/477431825250254848!/NayNayCantStop/status/477432573417648128!/Carly_Jacksn/status/477314485669998593!/TashaPolwright/status/477325329627754496!/TashaPolwright/status/477323747750199296 So unreal it has to be a joke or hoax. And for many of the craziest-seeming hashtag participants, it is. This shows up in the Google […]


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