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Her Students Gave Her Flowers, But When She Saw What Else They Had, She Lost It

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As soon as these students learned that their teacher’s cat passed away, they sprang into action. When the young ladies from Joshua High School found out that their math teacher, Mrs. Andrews, lost her best feline friend of 16 years, they pulled out all the stops to comfort the sweet woman in her time of […]


Teacher Who Hasn’t Had A Birthday Cake In 10 Years Gets A Heartwarming Surprise

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Kyle Simpler, a 56-year-old English teacher at Burleson High School in Texas, recently told his students that he couldn’t remember that last time he had a birthday cake. It was a throwaway remark that he didn’t think much of at the time, but it’s one that his students remembered. Wanting to surprise their beloved teacher, […]


They Began Singing In A High School Hallway And She Immediately Started Crying

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We don’t realize it, but our high school teachers meet us during some of our most formative years. That’s why, if you think really hard, you can probably come up with one in particular who played a huge role in making you the person you are today. For a number of students at Morgan Park […]


Blindy The Blind Penguin Learns To Swim (And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever)

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Because this penguin was born blind, Blindy has had a tough life. At only 12 weeks old, the poor thing lost its family. Without help, Blindy surely would’ve died in the wild. Fittingly enough, however, a woman named Shireen Helps decided to lend a helping hand. Now living at the woman’s penguin sanctuary in Flea […]


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