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Donald Trump saddened by free fall of ‘The View’

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When Donald Trump isn’t speaking atone of his huge campaign rallies, it seems he’s 1) live-tweeting someone else’s rally, 2) calling into a TV show, or 3) criticizing something as “very sad.” This afternoon, Trump tweeted his review of long, long-running talk show “The View,” which he actually referred to as “great” (once upon a […]


Ladies’ man Joe Biden smooches Barbara Walters on ‘The View,’ talks possible POTUS run [video]

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Vice President Joe Biden discussed his possible bid for President on ABC's The View..does not give clear answer! — CJ Denegal (@ImReporterCJ) February 25, 2014 As Twitchy reported, Vice President Biden appeared on today’s edition of “The View,” where he attempted to explain how Obamacare-induced unemployment “gives women a great deal more freedom.” But that […]


Joe Biden’s screwy ‘View’: Obamacare-induced unemployment liberates women [video]

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I can't believe what VP Joe Biden just said on The View. — Nikki Marie (@N_Lindell) February 25, 2014 It’s just Uncle Joe bein’ Uncle Joe! Our favorite VP stopped by “The View” this morning to spread some truth about Obamacare. Unfortunately, the truth about Obamacare is that it sucks. But Team Obama should know […]


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