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Amanda Carpenter shreds MSNBC for shameless lie about Ted Cruz

, , , , , ,!/amandacarpenter/status/417630614448136192 But, “real journalists” and stuff! The always awesome Amanda Carpenter watches “Morning Joe” so you don’t have to. Monday morning, she called out the lying liars who lie for this shameless falsehood about Sen. Ted Cruz.!/amandacarpenter/status/417630786120998912 Unbelievable? Nah, totally believable coming from the hackiest hacks in all of hackdom.!/MmePB/status/417634539595247616 Bingo!!/amandacarpenter/status/417631265030823936 This […]


Latest possible Ebola victim was sent into Ebola apt without hazmat gear

, , , , , , , , , , ,!/moneyries/status/519940260932096000 The newest Ebola scare in the Dallas area involves a Dallas County sheriff’s deputy named Michael Monning (or Michael “Monnig”) who was sent into Thomas Duncan’s apartment earlier this month: [email protected] reports that possible Ebola patient from Frisco is a Dallas County sheriff’s deputy who went into Thomas Eric Duncan’s apt — Matthew Haag (@matthewhaag) […]


‘Poor, black & uninsured?’ Geraldo Rivera has questions about Ebola victim

,!/libertygirlNH/status/520192082234060800 Yesterday, Thomas Duncan, the Liberian man who was diagnosed with Ebola, passed away in a Dallas hospital. That news was followed by a chorus of people blaming racism for Duncan’s death. Does Geraldo Rivera agree? Real shame of Dallas: Ebola fatality Thomas Duncan turned away from Presbyterian Hospital-Was it because he was too poor, […]


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