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can save these

, , , ,!/petesouza/status/484456853028347904 Team USA’s goalkeeper Tim Howard has a stellar record when it comes to making amazing saves. The interwebs are crawling with memes dedicated to his remarkable talent.!/holy_cowan/status/484442282829955072 Or could he? It turns out there may be one thing out there even he can’t save:!/RepJeffDuncan/status/484448405956333568 Oh, snap! In a new Quinnipiac University poll, voters rated Obama […]


‘We have the best goal keeper in the world’: Tim Howard lauded

,!/WorldCupPosts/status/484113140666232832 You know by now that the United States men’s national soccer team fell to Belgium 2‑1 today. Still, Americans were able to walk away from the match with a newfound respect for American goal keeper Tim Howard.!/NancyPelosi/status/484102418754732033!/ChrisCuomo/status/484116782358495232!/JohnTelich8/status/484113217707196418!/combatjourno/status/484112550909317120!/GMA/status/484109742462074881!/Troll__Football/status/484109475947630594 FIFA 14 Updated Difficulty Settings: Amateur Semi-professional Professional World Class Legendary […]


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