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Doomed: TMZ reports that ‘Outbreak’ star ‘can’t stop Ebola this time’

, , ,!/TMZ/status/518838301986660353 Every media outlet is trying to find its own take on the news that a patient has been hospitalized with Ebola in Dallas. Give credit to, then, for finding a way to attach news of the Ebola diagnosis to the entertainment industry. TMZ tracked down the “star” of the 1995 film “Outbreak” — […]


‘Hate TMZ’: Blame assigned for ‘ruined’ NFL fantasy league seasons

, , , , , ,!/Frizzo3813/status/509055004054130688 A video first released by TMZ culminated in the Baltimore Ravens terminating the contract of running back Ray Rice. Whether they were joking or totally serious, many NFL fantasy leaguers piled on TMZ for releasing the video:!/Santivelez13/status/509059787032506368!/E9ir/status/509051077946511361!/Cutty6/status/509054090723069952!/b_martin201/status/509049554038452225!/Darkestmanalive/status/509043809599389696!/sdiggz/status/509051471862976512!/BrettKasuboski/status/509010986406535168!/Chrifendor/status/509053518985330688!/_Freivogel/status/509062275186298881!/hsaghir21/status/509051652188278784!/SlimSteelo/status/509043821410525185!/ChrisZbikowski/status/509044315478560768 *** Related: Disturbing: A dozen […]


‘It makes me sick’: Rapper Iggy Azalea slams sex-tape allegations and privacy invaders

, ,!/IGGYAZALEA/status/510162719249412097 TMZ ran a story today spreading salacious rumors of a sex tape featuring young rap diva Iggy Azalea.!/TMZ/status/510159631105409024 The rapper took to Twitter this afternoon to lash out against the rumor-mongers and privacy invaders.!/IGGYAZALEA/status/510163107658752000!/IGGYAZALEA/status/510164507625136128!/IGGYAZALEA/status/510164788236673024 Her fans showed their support.!/ellacc_x/status/510164871775010816!/hausofbliss/status/510163185886707713 Read more:


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