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‘Oh, the irony’! Lefties complain DNC ‘unity tour’ has a little TOO MUCH of something

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The DNC’s “unity tour” isn’t exactly rolling along smoothly: The DNC's unity tour, headlined by Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez, is off to a bumpy start — CNN (@CNN) April 20, 2017 // DNC chair @TomPerez was booed at one of his first tour stops to fix the Democratic Party. Can he do […]


‘Priceless!’ Brian Fallon & Tom Perez change subject FAST after Maddow’s Trump tax letdown

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So much LOLOL! — Need a New Name (@SVScooters) March 15, 2017 // Michael Moore seemed to be quite excited when MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow teased a big scoop about Donald Trump’s taxes until that excitement quickly disappeared. The parade of lefties eager to change the subject is growing longer: life comes at you fast. […]


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