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‘Now that’s funny’: Are you ready for Touré’s snowstorm pic?

, ,!/jasonahart/status/418903590078394368 Remember when Touré tweeted this “incredible” (and totally fake) “Sandy pic”? Of course you do.!/Toure/status/263458257560018945 The MSNBC host’s half-witted weather “report” from snow-blanketed New York City should be awesome.!/exjon/status/418902551476457473 Make it happen!!/thestreeter/status/418914520300412928 But please, please, please don’t let things get too out of control. What does “out of control” look like? This:!/exjon/status/418903098937966593 […]


Touré ‘very sorry’ his ‘power of whiteness’ crap too ‘nuanced’ for Twitter

, , ,!/redsteeze/status/471388691286347777 Many of us were waiting with bated breath for MSNBC jerk Touré to follow up on his sickening tweet linking Holocaust survival to the “power of whiteness.” Would he apologize? Admit he was wrong? Today, we finally got our answer:!/Toure/status/471387911573995520!/Toure/status/471388120441966592 So, in other words, Touré’s argument was too “nuanced” for us? “Power of […]


Touré describes how Thanksgiving dinner got agreeably ‘wonky’

,!/Toure/status/406214726507823104 For many American families, the subject of Obamacare being brought up at Thanksgiving dinner was a recipe for disaster. But according to MSNBC’s Touré, there were no arguments about Obamacare at his Thanksgiving table, which is apparently the very definition of “wonky.”!/TomKattman/status/406254953247031297!/BradyCremeens/status/406251912611115008 This bit of wonkery was probably not discussed:!/MistressOfSham/status/406300812407619584 Ha! […]


Priceless! MLK III says blacks should engage with Tea Party, blows Touré’s mind [video]

, , , , ,

@Toure face says it all…#TheCycle — Joshua Vincent (@therealjvincent) May 9, 2014 OK, so this is fantastic. On this afternoon’s edition of “The Cycle,” Touré asked Martin Luther King III if the Democratic Party takes black people for granted. Good thing he was sitting down when he asked that question, because King’s response knocked the wind out […]


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