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Someone Has Reimagined The “Harry Potter” Films As A Teen Movie And It Is Perfect

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Someone needs to make this film. Immediately. 1. A video cutting together the Harry Potter series to look like a trailer for a teen rom-com is going viral again. Video available at: 2. The trailer, originally uploaded in 2009, follows Harry, Ron and Hermione through their romantic escapades at Hogwarts. Warner Bros Warner […]


This Is The Coolest Invention Ever From The 70s. Why Did This Never Catch On?!

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The 70’s were a time of all sorts of nifty inventions, some stuck like pocket calculators and microwaves while other inventions were a bit too out there and didn’t really take off, like water beds. This mini-camper that could attach onto the roof of small cars to give the driver incredible maneuverable is one idea I wish had […]


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