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Where Most People Saw An Old, Rotting Cabin, He Saw A Work Of Art

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Have you ever met someone and wondered how one human being could possibly accomplish so much? Whether that person’s your boss, your relative, or your friend who has a penchant for inadvertently making you feel inadequate, being around jacks of all trades is as inspiring as it is complicated. One person who would undoubtedly make […]


These Incredible Caterpillars Prove How Cool Nature Really Is.

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Butterflies were the inspiration behind artists, musicians, and authors for centuries. Similar to a phoenix rising from its ashes, the journey each butterfly undertakes during its metamorphosis into a beautiful creature is the perfect parallel to countless stories. Unlike the phoenix, there’s nothing fantasy about these fantastic transformations. Along with moths, these creatures can sometimes be […]


This Girl Noticed Something Unexpected On Her New Plant. What Happened After That Is AWESOME.

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When reddit user miss_beat‘s boyfriend bought her a plant one day, she never thought that there was something hiding on the plant that would give her an unexpected experience she would never forget. Because located under one of the leaves was a tiny little caterpillar, enjoying a healthy green lunch. Her apartment building sadly doesn’t allow pets, […]


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