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It’s Too Early To Talk About Christmas…Unless We’re Discussing Wine Bottle Trees

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‘Tis the season to completely skip over Thanksgiving and pretend that Christmas is the next national holiday. Christmas is still more than six weeks away, but already it’s taken over store shelves all across the country. It’s only a matter of time before all your favorite Christmas songs are put on a repeated loop and […]


This Tree Takes Gardening To Whole New Level. It Can Produce 40 Kinds Of Fruits.

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Gardeners and farmers have been working their agricultural magic since the dawn of time. They have carefully weeded out the worst of the crops to ensure that we’re left with the most deliciously awesome produce. Finding the best of the best can take many generations of plants, but it’s worth the effort. After decades, or […]


The World’s Most Beautiful Trees And Forests Around The World

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In case you didn’t know, cherry blossom season is in full-swing! Even if your town doesn’t have an ideal climate for the beautiful blooms, you can still enjoy photos of the vibrant trees. It’s almost as good as wandering through rows and rows of them. In an effort to celebrate that spring has finally sprung, […]


The Trees Are Taking Over And They’ll Stop At Nothing. We Have The Pictures To Prove It.

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The trees will inherit the Earth, and there’s nothing we can do to stop them. Their devious plot to destroy humanity is not known to many, but rest assured they’re coming. When humans turn their back on nature… nature finds a way to win. In the end, nature conquers all. We’ve put ourselves at great […]


‘Quick, get out your chainsaws!’ Could reforestation actually be ‘making climate change worse’?

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Hey … wait a second! But… but … but: Youve heard it before: Deforestation is a major contributor to climate change. To put it simply, trees store carbon, preventing it from entering the atmospherewhich means there are fewer greenhouse gases screwing with Earths climate. And, broadly speaking, thats true.Planting trees is good for the planet. […]


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