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What This Guy Did With A 1967 Airstream Will Make You Entirely Jealous

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Many people dream of hitting the open road in a tricked-out camper, but few people actually do it. But when Reddit user Jomini777 got the opportunity to go to school across the country, he decided to make one of his other dreams come true. He bought an old Airstream trailer and began taking it apart. […]


If I Saw This Truck Going Down The Road, I’d Do A Double Take… Because It’s Simply Unbelievable.

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A Canadian ice sculpture company called Iceculture took on an incredible challenge recently. The result is pretty much unbelievable. Canadian Tire, a battery company, wanted to showcase just how well their batteries hold up in the cold. The best way to do that? Build an 11,000+ pound, fully functional and driveable ice truck. Every part […]


Train Crashes Into A Broken Down Tractor Trailer Carrying A Crane.

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A couple was driving through Mer Rouge, Louisiana, when they witnessed something crazy. The moment was so intense, it could have been in a Hollywood movie. They were driving behind an eighteen wheeler carrying a crane, when the tractor trailer bottomed out. The semi then got stuck while crossing some railroad tracks. As the truck […]


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