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This Is Exactly Why You Never Try To Kiss A Snapping Turtle. The ‘After’ Photo Will Haunt Me.

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When dealing with dangerous animals, most people know not to put them right next to your face. Sharks, snapping turtles, tigers, badgers… all of these animals (and more) are just examples of what not to put near your mouth. However, there was one turtle owner who decided to disregard common sense and get up close […]


When They Saw This Giant Leatherback Turtle In Distress, They Didn’t Hesitate To Help

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When Jacksonville Police Lieutenant Steve Mullen and Officer Brad Smith were out enjoying the ocean on their day off, they saw something in the water that warranted investigation. As they got closer, though, they realized it was a matter of life and death…because caught in a crab trap was a nine-foot-long leatherback turtle! The rope […]


These Divers Almost Passed Right By Floating Debris. Til They Looked Closer… Unbelievable.

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At any moment in our lives there is the possibility that we’ll be called upon to do something heroic. Whether it’s something as big as catching someone before they trip into a busy street, or as “insignificant” as helping a neighbor carry the groceries. It’s these moments of true spontaneity that show others who we […]


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