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Here is perpetual victim ‘feminist’ Amanda Marcotte jumping the idiot shark

, , , , , , , , ,!/casachess/status/507211379934515200 Embarrassing and we are not making it up. Who on earth would possibly find family dinners oppressive?!/mchastain81/status/507203835652079617 Of course.!/AmandaMarcotte/status/507203978422398976 Hunts down! Stop it.!/BenHowe/status/507204585241706496 Don’t you dare criticize the perpetual victim’s articles on Twitter. Even though, you know, she promotes her Twitter account in said articles.!/mchastain81/status/507204717638721536 Hilarious.!/RBPundit/status/507204988310151168 Of course.!/BenHowe/status/507205018861449216 […]


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